More Info:


Your $$$$ acts as a credit and each vendor has their own credit amount allotted. 


Prices are based on 150 people. Any more people, you will pay the required vendors directly (food and cake) and any less people will result in credit to be used with those vendors for package upgrades. example: upgrade from disposables to real plates (depending on credit amount)


Upgrades to services will be made and paid with each vendor directly.


Extra items such as photography, attire, video, rentals, etc. will be left up to you to find and hire separately. We have several recommendations we can offer!


The items included above next to each vendor is what their credit amounts were based on. You can, however, use the credit with the vendor to swap out products. example: instead of bouquets, use the credit for arbor florals.


The only items that can be removed are Bar, the 6 hour day before time for the venue, or the officiant. Removing these is the only way to have a discount on the packages.


Deposit is 1/3 down, 1/3 halfway, and 1/3 30 days before the wedding.


Items listed in package may be subject to change due to product price changes and availability for the vendors (ie. florals) The credit amount will remain the same.