Frequently asked questions

How early can I get into the venue?

Every rental time starts at 9am. Doors and gate will be locked until 9am. This ensures that everything is ready for you when your time starts. Most nights we are here very late resetting the venue for your event the next day so we appreciate your understanding! If you have a large wedding party that needs to start hair/makeup really early, we suggest starting in a different location and moving to the venue at 9am.

Can I bring my own food from home?

To put it simply, no. We are responsible for the health, safety and quality of your event and a quality event starts with quality vendors who are trained and ready for their job!

What about alcohol?

Alcohol is to be done by our reccomended bartending services. You can contact them directly for price estimates. We do allow all hard liquor, but it must go through them. Contact us if you have additional questons. - Shakers Bartending - Traveling Tin - Macadoodles - Simply Delicious Bartending If you have 75 guests or less, you may bring your own beer/wine only and it must be self served. This requires approval from the venue. You can bring your own alcohol for getting ready in the morning, but it must remain in the bridal/groom suites and cannot be present during the reception. This includes special "trips" up and down the stairs. Any outside alcohol brought by you or guests without prior approval will result in a $50 fine per bottle found.

Can we use our own vendors?

With the exception of fireworks and bartending, we always welcome new vendors in our facility without resulting in penalty fees. We also have several vendors that we use regularly that we would be happy to reccomend. We do have speakers, but will always encourage you to use a DJ for the best quality event. They are free... so you get what you pay for!

What kind of send off options am I allowed?

We allow sparklers, bubbles, biodegradable options, cafe lights and more upon request. We do not allow confetti or glitter of any sort. If in doubt, just ask!

How many people can I have?

We hold 200 inside with a dance floor and space for cake and DJ. There is additional space on the deck if you wish to have seating options outside as well. The deck can seat about 30.

How do I book my wedding here?

For booking, we require a $500 deposit that is nonrefundable and included in the main pricing. The remainder is dur 30 days before the event. We also have payment plan options! Booking= deposit paid + contract signed

Is your venue handicap accessible?

Yes! We have an ADA ramp entrance on the side of the venue and the bathrooms are also ADA accessable. The bridal and groom suites are upstairs, so that is the only part of the venue that cannot be reached by wheelchair or those who have a hard time with stairs, but the restrooms or decor room can be used as an alternative getting ready room.

What is your cancellation policy?

We allow you to reschedule for no cost, but if you cancel all together, the $500 deposit is non refundable. Ask to see one of our contracts if you'd like further detail!

Are there plan B options for the ceremony?

Of course! We always set the room with a built in aisle for easy moving if the ceremony does end up needing to be inside. We simply turn the chairs to face the front.

How does the rehearsal work?

The one day rental includes a 3 hour rehearsal to be scheduled upon availability Monday-Thursday. There is an option to add an additional 2 hours for $150. 3 hours is plenty of time to rehearse and host a rehearsal dinner!

Can I bring my own decor?

Of course! While we do have a pretty impressive decor room, we always love when you bring your own special touches! Even if you have the pro decor add on, you can still bring in your own items that we will set up for you.