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Brew Bunker at The Atrium Wedding and Event Center, Branson MO

The Brew Bunker Pricing

Packages Include: 

4 menu options and 1 kid's brew for purchase. Free black coffee and milk alternatives.

4 Hours


2 hours


1 hour


Basic Brews $4

Latte Flavors:

  • Vanilla

  • Caramel

  • Hazelnut

Kids Brew $2

  • Apple Cider

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Flavored Lemonade: Spring and Summer

Specialty Brews $5

  • Bunker: Sugar-free cinnamon dolce americano with whip cream

  • Wolfmoon: Raspberry macchiato with caramel sauce

  • Eclipse: Chocolate mocha with chocolate sauce

  • Harvest Moon: Caramel Latte with caramel sauce 

  • Betty White: White chocolate mocha with white chocolate sauce

Tea $3

  • Passion Palmer: Mango tea with lemonade

  • Chai Chai Slide: Vanilla chai tea latte

  • Forest Mist: Caramel forest mist tea latte

  • Berry Blast: Blueberry and raspberry tea blend

  • Peachy Keen: Peach Tea

OR Choose These Options



Cold Brew Bar

$200 per 100 people

(Includes: 1 hour per 100 people and Milk Alternatives.)

Cold Brew Lattes: Caramel, Vanilla or Hazelnut.

*Not combinable with regular brew bunker package or Italian Soda Bar


Italian Soda Bar

June- September

100 Guests: $300 - 1 Hour Hosted

150 Guests: $400- 1.5 Hour Hosted

200 Guests: $500- 2 Hours Hosted

*Not combinable with regular brew bunker package or Cold Brew Bar

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